Wireless Earbuds with Screens!

Great Sounding,
Good Looking,
Must-have Earbuds


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Earbuds To Be Seen In

The worlds first true wireless earbuds with display screes.

Show off your

  • Emojis, Memojis, any Mojis
  • Sports, Brands, Logos
  • Art, Album Covers, Digital Graffiti
Mojis NFT Display
Mojis NFT 1

Show Your Colors!

Displa your team badge, colors, highlights  - you choose.

Or how about displaying the score - when you're winning!

Sounds Great

Like to listen to great music?

Automatically display the Album art to showcase your exquisite music taste


Mojis Album Cover Art Display
Mojis PeopleMojis Thinking

Hey, Good Looking!

We all have something we want to share with the world. And so do you.

Charging Home

Even during downtime Mojis will cheer you up from their display case

Mojis Metaverse

Mojis METAverse

Let the inside out!

Share a glimpse of what you're upto with folks back in the normaverse


You can customize your Mojis to show almost anything.

Let your imagination run free!

Be Cool in 2022

It's time for some fun in the world!

Show Some Emotion

We'd love you to join our mission?

You Do You

What will you share?

App. Personalize. FUntimes.

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